Queensland Weekender visit Lagoon Pocket B and B

We recently had the great pleasure of hosting the cast and crew of Queensland Weekender at Lagoon Pocket B&B. We are big fans of their show on Saturday evening just before the news on Channel 7, so when they approached us to do a story on the B&B and Mary Valley Country we could be seen doing handstands from here to Gympie with excitement (maybe I exaggerate just a tad here!).

Queensland Weekender arrive at Lagoon Pocket B and B

James and I have never had much to do with TV, so the wonder of it was not lost on us. I was so fascinated watching Buddha (aka Chris Handy) interviewing James as they strolled through the garden that I completely forgot I was suppose to be taking photos of them! James was not impressed I can tell you, as his new camera is his pride and joy!

Queensland Weekender visit Dagun

After a bit of filming here the Queensland Weekender crew ventured down to Dagun to meet up with Elaine Bradley who runs the weekly organic Growers Market at Dagun Station. As it was a Wednesday and the Growers Market is only held on Saturday afternoons, Elaine kindly agreed to have a chat to Buddha about it and give him a lovely basket of organic goodies for me to cook for their dinner that night. Elaine, I might add, made the great sacrifice of forgoing her dental appointment to be on television. The Mary Valley Rattler pulled up whilst they were there and Buddha joined the passengers for a wine and cheese tasting. He kindly bought a bottle of the delicious Moffatdale Ridge  Chocolate Port and yummy Cooloola Cheese Camembert to share with us at dinner (well it made a good story line and we managed to force both down, stars that we are!).

a well earned beer

Sharing a well earned beer with the Queensland Weekender Crew

Before dinner the boys from Queensland Weekender and James enjoyed a beer on the back veranda whilst I slaved away in the kitchen whipping them up my Chicken and Leek pie (with Elaine’s fresh organic leeks!),  Kieran the Queensland Weekender producer had noticed that we had some of our recipes up on our website and this was one of them. On my afternoon “Danny dog” walk I chatted to a neighbour who was over run with sweet potatoes and passion fruit so I came home with a collection of both, more local goodies for their dinner a fact not lost on our visiting townies.

There was more filming before and during dinner. The cameraman Chris had James running about to get the table setting  just right and then he moved into the kitchen and filmed me serving up the steaming dinner. I was a bit concerned it wasn’t going to be that steaming by the time it reached the table, but it was. The next shots were of James, Buddha and myself tucking into dinner and chatting whilst the others worked.

After the filming was finished we all sat down and enjoyed the rest of our meal.  James had made his wonderful apple and mulberry (home grown!) crumble for pudding which went very nicely with Buddha’s Chocolate Port (think that is our new favourite sticky wine). We laughed so much my face ached and it was only Kieran reminding the other two gently that they had to be up and gone by 6.30am the next morning to feed the dolphins at Tin Can Bay that we moved from the table.

We don’t know when the show will go to air but Kieran tells us he will let us know and send us a DVD of the finished product to put up on our website. I do hope Chris managed to air brush me to perfection….

dinner at Lagoon Pocket B and B

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