The Gympie Show 2012

Gympie Show 2012

We are huge fans of the Gympie Show at Lagoon Pocket Bed & Breakfast. Every year we buy our 3 day Gympie Show pass, dust off our Akubras, polish our RM Williams’ boots and head off to play!

The Gympie Show dates this year are for 17, 18 & 19 May.

So much to see and do at the Gympie Show!

I know it is a over used cliche to say there is something for everyone at the Gympie Show but there is! Cattle, birds, baby animals (James has to take me in with all the parents taking their kids in, poor man!), farm equipment, side-show alley, show bags, cooking demonstrations, children’s entertainment, fireworks, masses of food (our annual Dagwood Dog!), snake demonstrations (they all look poisonous to me – because I keep my eyes closed), show jumping, fruit and vegetable competitions, wood chopping etc. I am sure I have left something huge out but there is so much going on at the Gympie Show that is why we have to go more than once!


The organisers work very hard to keep the Gympie Show fresh, so every year there are new rides for the kids in sideshow alley, new classes in the ring, more fireworks on 2 nights, miniature pig racing, there are different Celebrity chefs, last year they even roped in our good natured Local Member of Parliament to show us his skills on the barbie (think he was good, we laughed so much I can’t remember!). Who knows what they are going to have this year at the Gympie Show!

Cooking at the Gympie Show

Moving inside the Pavilion we have my favourite displays of art, COOKERY, cake icing, handicrafts, cookery, photography, school work and did I mention the cookery competition? The Cookery competition has a special place in my heart as last year some friends and I got together and decided to add some new blood to the competition (not literally of course!). So we entered, well I only entered 3 classes but my best bud went wild, not only did she enter a least a dozen classes so did her three children, believe me I know, I helped her unstack her 4WD! And yes, we did win quite a few prizes, I got a second place for my Passionfruit Butter and a Third place for my Lemon Butter. My friend and her children won so many, I don’t think even she can remember them all apart from her little boy and his fab chocolate cake coming first! it is great to see the whole family winning at the Gympie show. This year I am entering again so we will see if I can improve my score! I have been practicing hard on our guests and I must be doing something right as they either want the recipe or want to buy a jar!

The Cattleman’s Bar at the Gympie Show

Another one of our “Must dos” for the Gympie show is to go and have a drink in the Cattleman’s bar (ideally in the evening whilst waiting for the fireworks to start). It is one of the few times you will catch me drinking beer out of a can, but you just have to do it (well the first year I ordered a wine and it was Chateau cask in a plastic cup and not worth the calories, so beer it is and it is cold!). We love the people watching and trying to blend in, James has become something of an expert in telling the difference between the dress of diary cattlemen and beef cattlemen. Both types of cattle are judged on different days, so each night a different “breed” of cattleman is in the bar…. well that is our excuse for having to go to the bar both nights…

So if you are tired of the Ekka in August when the westerly winds are blowing cold, why not come to the best country show in Queensland, the Gympie Show on 17, 18 or 19 May and enjoy a real country day and night out!

The Gympie Show on 17, 18 or 19 May



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